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Winners 2010

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First Prize

Landscape-Niwatan – Japan

Landscape-Niwatan – Japan
mori x hako, Fukuyama

Garden Box

Statement of the jury:
This miniature garden amidst buildings in a densely built-up city combines nature and architecture. It was created by close interaction between architecture and landscape design. The garden surprises visitors and can be perceived from all floors of the building: a narrow jungle that evokes positive emotions. The project is exemplary for the design of high-quality green spaces despite extreme limitations of space.


Second Prize

Calonder Landscape Architects

Calonder Landscape Architects – Switzerland
Le Very, Ecoteaux

Geometric Garden

Statement of the jury:
The garden reacts with sensitivity and honesty to the agricultural history of the farmstead and the landscape. Nevertheless, it presents new elements of design and meets the requirements of a different, contemporary lifestyle. It opens up to the environment and creates differentiated spaces for varied uses.

Third Prize

Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture

Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture USA
Stone Edge Farm, Sonoma Valley

Pyramid Garden

Statement of the jury:
The garden impresses with its atmosphere, its gorgeous colors and materials, and the perfect execution of its design and construction. The composition creates a sequence of captivating spaces and integrates the architecture into the landscape, which is in turn brought into the garden to some extent.

Honorable mention

wirbel institut für feministische forschung und praxis


wirbel institut für feministische forschung und
praxis Austria
Community Garden Roda-Roda-Gasse, Vienna

Community Garden

Statement of the jury:
This example of communal gardening is a potentially trendsetting social project. Creative involvement in community gardens, including strategies to ensure ecological sustainability, could become a field of work for landscape architects.

Swift Company

Swift Company USA
Stone Quarry Bay Point House, Montana, USA

Forest Garden

Statement of the jury:
This garden appears as if it had not been designed. The underlying principle was to emphasize respect for the natural environment first and foremost, and to unobtrusively submerge the building into the landscape.




Award ceremony

At the award ceremony, from left to right: Augusto Calonder, Andrea Cochran, deputy governor Wolfgang Sobotka, Zenjiro Hashimoto
Photo: Johann Pfeiffer