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1:1 Landskab – Denmark

Courtyard Classensgade

1:1 Landskab – Denmark

1:1 Landskab – Denmark1:1 Landskab – Denmark

Carpet Garden

The idea behind the renovation of the courtyard of a housing block in Copenhagen was to make it a flexible and multifunctional space. The residents of the housing block developed their wishes for the redesign in cooperation with the landscape architects. The courtyard was to become a social gathering point for all residents, young and old, but at the same time an aesthetic element providing a visual experience when seen from the windows.

A paving pattern in light and dark clinker bricks creates a carpet-like pattern in the courtyard. The pattern was inspired by the many ornaments seen on the housing façades in the neighborhood, but the carefully customized design has given the courtyard its own unique and modern identity. Carpets are associated with living rooms and coziness. While dining tables or sofa groups are usually set on living room carpets, a fountain adorns the center of the carpet in the courtyard.

In time, climbing hydrangeas will conquer the façades around the courtyard, adding the impression of flowering wallpaper to the courtyard carpet. The courtyard has become an extension of the residents’ private living rooms. They use it to meet, relax out in the open, have meals outside when the weather permits, and raise flowers and herbs in terracotta pots. In the summertime, a South European atmosphere pervades the courtyard. At its edge, children can play on a miniature football field where an old rear building was demolished. Naturally, parking spots for bicycles are also provided.


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The carpet pattern of light and dark clinker can best be enjoyed when seen from above. A fountain stands in the center of the courtyard. Flowers, herbs and small trees grow in terracotta pots.