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Häufig gestellte Fragen und Antworten

  • Is there a registration fee applied to enter this competition?
  • There is no registration fee for taking part in the competition.
  • Do you consider including realizations in International Garden Festivals in your competition?
    Although these gardens are built in private plots, they are open to the public with an entrance fee.
  • If the garden is not in a private use the project is not eligible.
  • The garden of a public gallery owned by the city has been restored and a temporary garden installation has been set up. Can we submit this project to the competition?
  • The garden is public and not intended for private use, so the project cannot be entered in the competition.
  • The garden is part of an 18th century French castle that is privately owned and where the owners live. The garden is open to the public with an entry fee of 4 euros. Is this project eligible?
  • The garden is in private use, therefor it is possible to hand in this project for the competition.
  • Is it allowed to write the name of the designers or client on the poster?
  • Yes, it is allowed. The competition is not anonymously.
  • Is it possible to submit an entry that is currently under development (design phase) and not complete or should all entries be constructed proposals?
  • It’s not possible to submit a project, which is not finished yet! The project must be built and finished.
  • Does the entry have to be a constructed project, or conceptual project could be accepted as well?
  • The entry has to be a constructed project.
  • How will the copyrights of plans, pictures and text be handled in the catalog?
  • The entrant(s) also confirm(s) that he/she/they is/are authorized to grant rights of use under the copyright to the materials submitted with the competition entry, including but not limited to images, and give(s) permission to publicize the project submitted in the catalog best private plots – Die besten Gärten 2012, at the exhibition and in the media (Internet, print media, TV and radio), as well as in other publications associated with the event and with the organizer (Team private plots), provided the entrant(s), photographer(s) and location are indicated.
  • Submission deadline June 4, 2012: Is this day the date where the entry must be received in the competition management office or is it the date of the postmark?
  • The deadline for submitting documents is June 4, 2012. The documents must be uploaded to the server and sent to the competition management office by 12.00 (noon) CET. We don’t accept June 4, 2012 as date of the postmark. Entries must be sent postage paid and at no cost to the recipient.
  • Is the competition only for landscape architects from Austria?
  • The competition is international and open to landscape architects, architects, designers, artists, gardeners, florists, landscaping firms and plant nurseries, as well as to garden owners, or teams consisting of a combination thereof from all over the world.
  • May I submit the private landscape project, which has been already submitted in another international competition?
  • Only projects that have already been submitted for “best private plots competition” in 2006, 2007, 2008 or 2010 will be disqualified. There is no disqualification of projects that have been submitted to other competitions or have been publicized.
  • What kind of poster is required? Can you specify that?
  • The poster should present the idea and the concept of the garden to the jury and later on to the visitors of the exhibition. Experience has shown that e.g. the use of one big photo in combination with some smaller photos serves this purpose very well.
  • See the submission brief: 1. Poster
    Entrants are required to submit a poster to be used for presentation (rolled), A0 vertical, featuring plans, photos, a project description, with optional supplementary sketches, sections, detail drawings, elevations, plant lists and a project description and presentation of the underlying ideas of the garden etc.
    Please ensure that the name(s) of the entrant(s) and the location of the garden or private outdoor space are clearly visible on the poster.
    The posters depicting the approx. thirty projects nominated will be shown in the exhibition best private plots – Die besten Gärten 2012.
  • 2. Poster as handout A3
    A handout (one sheet) with the same information as the poster serves as the basis for assessment by the jury, A3 format is required.
  • Must the project be presented personally?
  • You don´t have to present the project, you only have to send the poster etc. (see the submission brief document). It is very important to us to support networking in the field of landscape and garden architecture. Therefore we are especially looking forward to getting to know you in person, and would like to invite all participants to a meet-&-greet on September 28th at 7 pm in Klosterneuburg, in a typical “Heurigen” (wine tavern). In the past years, the event was attended by numerous participants from Europe, America, Australia and Asia, which made for an extremely interesting exchange of ideas.
  • Do submissions to the competition entail any costs for the entrants? Is there a fee for participating in the competition? Are there costs if the project is nominated and published in the catalog?
  • Participation in the competition is free of charge, and there are no competition fees or costs for the catalog to be paid.
  • Can a shared garden (show garden and playground) of a cooperative be entered in the competition?
  • The requirement for submission is a context of private use. This means that the users, as private individuals, are responsible for the care of the garden, and/or had a say in planning the garden, and/or can change aspects of the garden of their own accord.
  • Do the gardens submitted have to be in Austria?
  • It is an international competition, and no countries are excluded.
  • For entry to the competition "best private plots – Die besten Gärten 2012" the location of the garden should be named on the poster - is naming the region sufficient?
  • Of course you don´t have to show the address on the poster, but for presenting the garden it will be of interest, where the garden is - so the region is sufficient.
  • Is the German description of the project required or just optional?
  • A German text is optional and not necessary.
  • Should the name of the plants be written in English or is it enough to use the Latin names?
  • They must not written in English, the Latin names will be understood.
  • Which size/resolution of the poster in A0 and of the handout in A3 is required for the digital submission?
  • The files should be uploaded in a printable resolution.

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